Carla and I have not taken an actual vacation since our honeymoon. Most of the time if we go somewhere it is because I have a speaking engagement, which is lots of fun, but still work.

So, we were planning on going on a brief, two-day white water rafting trip with some friends in August. Obviously that won’t happen now that I have one good leg for a while. Instead I have taken this week off to recover…but it hasn’t been near as fun as a rafting trip would be. We are still hoping to get away for a bit this Fall.

So, when was your last vacation, and where would you go if you could go anywhere you wanted?

I would tour New England during the Fall.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


7 thoughts on “Vacation?

  1. I am a sand and surf dude myself. Me and the family always go South for vacations. Just took a trip to Gulf Shores in June…..great trip. The last 3 years we stayed at Lagoon Landing….needless to say it is fantastic. Planning to go back this Fall.


  2. The last trip I went on was in October. Dennis and I go down to his parents house in FL and stay a week. That was also the week we got engaged! My next real vacation won’t be until our honeymoon though…haven’t really thought about were to go either. I would love to go to Italy one day. I love that movie Under the Tuscan Sun…and it has always made me want to go there one day.


  3. josh, we are praying for you a speedy recovery and for carla, some peace! dwight,myself and the boys just returned from myrtle beach,sc camping and visiting family. my dream vacation would be for me and dwight to vacation a week in the south pacific(free of course). His dream vacation would be to camp race week of the daytona 500.


  4. Hey Josh we are praying for your quick recovery. Ruby is worried about Carla she said she would give Carla a break and help take care of you. Our favorite vacation was in June to Charleston, SC where Ruby, Steven,and Mike saw the ocean for the first time we are now beach bums we love the water. We are praying for you and Carla if you need anything let me know.


  5. My mother took me and my sisters to Europe a few years ago. We toured five countries in three weeks and it was amazing. (I even dragged my sisters along for an Austrian “Sound of Music” tour. I know…. I know…..) I would love to take Ronnie to Italy. Rome was definitely my favorite. But, my best vacation ever was our 20th anniversary trip to the Mayan Riviera. We visited Mayan ruins and had our first vacation without the boys. Next year is our 25th, and I want to go back and take the boys. They would love it!

    Get well soon, Josh! You know… you could wrap that leg up in Saran Wrap and head on down on the rafting trip. I doubt it would get TOO banged up!! lol 🙂


  6. My two favorite vacations were to Disney World right before Allen went to Iraq, and then, right after he returned, Allen and I went to Lake Tahoe, CA and went skiing. Generally, I am a warm weather person. My idea of a vacation is going to a beach somewhere. But, I fell in love with skiing, and found out that you don’t get cold even though there’s 15 feet of snow below your feet. We were sweating!!
    I would LOVE to go to Australia, though!!!!! As soon as we can, we are going!


  7. Mike and I went to Maui for our honeymoon last November, that was our last vacation. I am so ready to visit again. I would really like to visit the states to the west…all of them would be great! Hope your recovery is going well.


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