4 days and counting…

It has  been four days since I broke my ankle sliding into third base during a church league softball game. Needless to say, the past few days have called for some adjustments in how I live and go about my everyday life.

The biggest of these adjustments is that I am totally dependent on someone else to take care of my basic needs, and unfortunately for her that someone is my wife, Carla. Carla has been so helpful and attentive to my needs during this time…she really deserves a halo and a set of wings!

What makes her job harder is that I keep trying to do things on my own that I really can’t do. I keep trying to attempt moves with my crutches that I just do not have the skills to pull off. And when I don’t tell her what I need, when I don’t wait for her help to get a drink and the Doritos from the kitchen, things are more painful and they are not very successful.

When I refuse to be dependent on her, I am making it harder for her to care for my needs.  Do you think this is true when it comes to our relationship with God? Do we make life harder because we are always trying to figure things out on our own? Are we making life more difficult because we are too stubborn to admit that we need Him, that we can’t get by on our own abilities?

In what arena of your life do you need to surrender your independence [it’s only hurting you anyway] for dependence on God?

3 thoughts on “4 days and counting…

  1. My independence from God is mostly when I want & try to fix everybody’s problem for them (especially my family). I know I should turn them over to God and let him help, but I am always trying to figure out how I can help. I drive myself crazy doing this.


  2. I agree with you. I have felt the same way in so many times. I feel like by trying to do it myself I won’t be bothering God with something so tiny or stupid. But in the end that something I didn’t surrender only caused me more problems than it had caused in the beginning. Mine is normal every day things that I just have trouble surrendering.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon! And let Carla do all the heavy lifting…sometimes it makes us women feel good knowing that the men in our lives truly need us. Take care.


  3. Hey Josh,

    So sorry about the ankle, but based on your comments above, looks like God is using this as a learning tool. Use this ‘down time’ to listen closely to what He is going to say to you in the quite moments. Also, be particularly nice to Carla (aka the next Barry Bonds)!

    Love & prayers!!


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