Sunday Recap…

Here are a few highlights from yesterday:

  • Wrapped up the “True Colors” series by talking about anger.
  • We learned that all anger is not sin [Mark 3].
  • We learned that anger becomes sin when we bottle it up and refuse to deal with it, which leads to bitterness.
  • Cody, Josh, Justin, Nick, and Chad did a GREAT job leading worship yesterday.
  • Looking forward to having those guys back next week.
  • The crowd was a little thin…a lot of people going on vacations…I’m not bitter.
  • Chad F. did a great job putting together the video from youth camp, and our kids did a good job sharing their experience with the church.
  • Communion was powerful yesterday.
  • Looking forward to our new series “Bible Stories for Grown-up’s” which starts this Sunday!

I hope everyone had a great Sunday and a relaxing Monday!


One thought on “Sunday Recap…

  1. Josh,

    I agree that Cody and band did a great job. I noticed that a lot of people around me were really singing out.

    I was a little confused by the special music until you got into the message.

    Have a great week.


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