the disease of desire

Last night my wife and I watched a special about celebrity addictions hosted by Dr. Drew on VH1. [I know what you are thinking, it takes courage to admit that, but the truth is some of you reading this probably watched it or at least DVR’ed it.]

During the show, one doctor made a statement that I thought was pretty interesting. He said, “Addiction is a disease of desire.” Which at first may sound a bit odd, but he went on to explain how our brain cells get used to being stimulated by certain chemicals, and when these chemicals are taken away our brain thinks it is being deprived of something that it needs to survive.

The truth is that what our brain doesn’t know can kill us. It does not need those things to survive. Some things that we become addicted to [drugs, alcohol, porn, nicotine, fill-in-the-blank] actually have the potential to destroy our lives, relationships, and ultimatley our futures.

Addiction is a disease of desire. Our brains want the wrong things.

This is the human story. This is the story of the Garden of Eden. People wanting, desiring the wrong things. People doing whatever it takes to fulfill the desire. And people living with the consequences that they never expected.

As I have reflected on these words, I see this so clearly in my life. There are so many things that I desire, that I think I need, that are not best for me. And truthfully, they aren’t even good for me.

How often do we allow the “disease of desire” to pull us away from God’s plan for us? What do we believe we need that we really don’t?


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