This week…

This Sunday we are wrapping up a series entitled “True Colors.” The big idea behind the series is that we all carry around things in our hearts that shouldn’t be there, and no matter how we try to convince ourselves that they aren’t a problem, they are.

We have explored pride, jealousy, and greed so far, and the consequences that not dealing with these issue can bring into our lives. We have also discovered that the solution to these diseases of the heart are intentional choices we make:

Intentional service breaks the power of pride.

Intentionally celebrating the success of others breaks the power of jealousy.

Intentionally, consistently, and strategically giving a percentage of your income away breaks the power of greed.

This week we will wrap up by talking about anger. Have you ever thought of anger as a problem? Is there such a thing as good anger? What are you angry about right now? Where could that anger take you if it is left unresolved?


2 thoughts on “This week…

  1. Unresolved anger is a very dangerous thing. My father-in-law told me when Sherry and we got married to never let the sun go down on our anger. It was good advice and I think there have not been too many times that we didn’t follow it.

    This has been a great series at MCC and very convicted on certain Sundays. I won’t say which ones. Keep bloggin my man, keep bloggin.


  2. HM,

    You are right on about the unresolved anger thing. When we don’t deal with it, anger can fester and grow into bitterness, contempt, and ultimately, hatred.

    Sherry is a good woman. 🙂

    Thanks for the blog love!


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